Dance Frenzy

Hold the Party Date $80 non- refundable 2 weeks prior to date. Less than 2 week will be half down.

Up to 10 kids/ additional kids $12 each

Any people/Adults wanting to participate in activities will pay $12

2 hour Exclusive Party

1 hour of fun filled dance games, led by a professional dance instructor.

(ex. musical chairs, limbo ect..)

Glow in the Dark Party Line

Lead by dancing Birthday child to the party room!

Glow in the Dark Toys and Accessories provided. (and glow tribal face paint optional.)

1 hour in private party room eating, opening gifts and listening to Music! Dedicated party host

Assists with setup and clean up

Tables and chairs for party # provided.

Plates and utensils available.

Solid color rectangle tablecloths

will be available in black, white, gold, or silver.

Thank you cards provided to each adult!

You will be able to bring cake, cupcakes, and other desserts and approved specialized decor discussed.


Additional Add-On Of Accents Provide!

3 different Central table decor styles:

outsource your cake and/or dessert options of your choice.

Candy table container decor can be provided

$ Basic Beauty! (Plane clear candy containers.)

$ Clutch My Pearls!( pearl beaded accents on candy containers)

Diamond Dazzle! (candy containers that are accented with sparkles.)

Central Wall Decor / Candy Bars!

You pick you 2 solid colors theme, we provide wall background Color of candies we will discuss and provided. Cost $ for filled containers. 2 Standing 5 Balloon Bouquets on each side of the table.

Treat bags for candy bar will be

provided for the kids.