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Our classes are the perfect place to cultivate a student’s genuine interest in popular dance genres such as:

Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Jazz, Tip Tap Step, Hip Hop, Acro, Traditional Drill Team Prep, Non-Traditional Majorette Prep, Step Team Prep, Musical Theater, Contemporary, and Inspirational Improvisation.  

Our studio prides itself on providing top notch curriculum and education to students ages 4-15.

We offer dance training for students of all levels: Recreational, Performance and Competition! Classes are compiled of a FUSION of genres.  Rates are based upon hours of dance invested per week.

We also have an internship available to deserving high school students in their junior and senior year of high school. This internship is paid and offers a host of dance performance, choreography, and professional training experiences incomparable to internships offered in the Greater Houston area. 


Event Pricing $150/2hr base pricing 
We host amazing birthday parties, conference meetings, graduation celebrations, baby/ wedding showers, recitals, and etc. 
We can provide seating, décor, photo booths, a DJ, candy shop, dessert table, specialized memorabilia and more for additional pricing. JUST ASK! 

Phone: 713-543-8393 www.dancecoachcj.com Email: cjdancefusion@gmail.com 





Mondays are... 

March, Music, and Majorette 

-Age appropriate step team routines AND HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) Influenced Band Music and Halftime Shows!

Texas Southern University is a great example of an


Their halftime shows are always energetic,

fun, and are an awesome workout for members!

Tuesdays are... 

Twists, Turns and Tumbling

-Acrobatics, flexible high kicks and jumps,

jazzy ballet, pirouettes and basic tumbling!

(Do not enroll if you have a shoulder

or elbow injury)

Wednesdays are...

Friends' Days!

-Bring a friend for free! Play dance games,

have Tiktok battles, fun, fun, FUN!

(Each friend can only come once)


Thursday is...

Throwback Thursday!

-Old school cardio hip hop workout and dance fitness.

Learn history of jazz, hip hop, modern, ballet, tap and perform fusion of them all! Dance Fusion by CJ!!






ONLY at Dance Fusion by CJ:   
SnapBack Cardio Fitness 
Sole Urban Choreo 
Booty Barre
Groovay Step
and Aerobic Fitness 
Each class is only $20...even cheaper if you buy the fitness package! 

The 2020 Summer Class Schedule

is Online...REGISTER NOW!

adult fitness



The Snap Back is a fun and upbeat aerobic dance class with a focus on reclaiming health and fitness through dance movements.  No formal dance training is required. Specially designed for moms, women and young ladies with a goal to snap back to a desired level of fit and healthy.  

For 18 years and up.

Jazzy Ballet

5 pm-8 pm


5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Funky Hip Hop

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

713-543-8393-text this number 24/7

for info & leave us your name and number!

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